Molly and Mama Makes Pin Cushions

It all started with a pin cushion swap. I joined a Facebook group ( love those, right?) and we all agreed to make a pin cushion and swap it with someone else in the group. I hadn’t really thought about pin cushions before. I had never made one, and had been using the same cheap and nasty ‘tomato’ pin cushion I had received years before.

So I got to work researching and looking for ideas. Naturally, that meant my first stop was Pinterest! You can see my inspiration here. (I only started on Pinterest recently and boy, is it addictive? But more on that later!)

I created a simple fabric pillow pin cushion first. And I added some hand made felt flowers, some ric rac and a bit of sparkle.


It turned out so cute, that I made a few more. I love the blue and pink in this one! I’ve also put together a bit of a tutorial to show you how to put together your very own. See it HERE


I really have a thing for felt though, so I whipped up this sweet little cupcake using a May Blossom pattern. She was fun to create!

pin cushion

I created a very simple little felt bunny as part of a photo shoot we did at Easter. The project (and the photo shoot) featured in the Celebrations Issue of Tickle the Imagination magazine.

Step five finished bunny.jpg

You can find the template and how to make the bunny HERE.

I realised after all of this, that I really LOVED creating these mini little treasures, and I wanted a design that reflected Molly and Mama. I grabbed the sketch book and came up with a sweet smiling face. She was easy to translate into felt!

Then lots of others showed interest in Miss Molly (as she was affectionately named). So I started the process of writing my very first pattern. I wanted to write a pattern that a beginner could not only understand, but could create easily as well. Here she is! 

Miss Molly has been such a popular seller and she really is so simple to sew. If you’re not confident with blanket stitch then an overcast stitch will work just as well. Read more about the different stitch types in the Stitch Library

Miss Molly is available as an instant download in my Etsy store. And she now comes with two other friends, Miss Maisie and Miss Molly. 

I also love the sleepy cloud.

You might also enjoy these pin cushion tutorials.

The Flamingo is lots of fun!

And this pretty pin cushion has always been popular.

Check out the TUTORIALS TAB for more ideas.

Happy sewing, Lauren x

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