Make a Felt Four Leaf Clover or Shamrock

I don’t know about you, but I love the tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day. I also love the idea of spreading luck and goodwill around. And it’s always fun to create something associated with luck.

You can use this tutorial to create a four leaf clover (which is traditionally associated with luck) or a three leaf Shamrock (used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity). They’re so easy to make and they can be used to adorn anything! It’s a great starter project for young stitchers too. Just read on for the instructions and template.

NOTE: If you wanted printable instructions that you can save and use at home, sign up here to have the PDF file delivered straight to your inbox. The best thing about this is that you’re getting two projects in one, because you can use these Felt Flower instructions to also make shamrocks and clovers. Just change your felt colour to green!

You Will Need

  • 3″ (7.5cm) square of green 100% wool felt
  • small square of freezer paper
  • small scissors with short, sharp blades
  • a print out of the template

Let’s Get Making

Print out the template at full size (100%, with no scaling or cropping). TIP: Reduce or enlarge the template on your printer, to make smaller or larger shapes.

Trace the clover leaf template onto the freezer paper. You’ll need three leaves for a shamrock or four if you’re making a lucky four leaf clover. Roughly cut around the outside of each leaf shape. Position the freezer paper shapes on the square of felt and iron in place with a warm, dry iron. NOTE: This technique will only work with 100% wool felt. For other methods for transferring the template to felt, please see THIS TUTORIAL.

Cut out each of the leaf shapes on the line and peel away the freezer paper. TIP: Keep the templates as they are reusable!

Align the felt shapes in a row. Thread a needle with green thread and stitch three small running stitches across the base of each piece of felt. Make sure the stitches enter and exit the same side of each felt piece (this ensures they’ll gather together nicely).

Gently pull the thread to gather the felt.

Secure the felt in place with some extra stitches. I like to stitch through each gathered piece again, just to be sure the gathering doesn’t come loose.

Use your little clover as a decoration for all sorts of projects. Here’s some miniature ones I created by just reducing the template size by half.

You can also use them to make hair accessories. I have a tutorial for this one HERE.

I’ve also used a clover on this free pin cushion project.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

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  1. Sorry girls but a SHAMROCK only has 3 leaves. A CLOVER has 4 leaves..2 entirely different plants and ideas. The Shamrock is the Irish one!!)

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