Finish-It Friday

Please tell me that you’re like me, and you have a sketch book full of creative ideas, and a pile of unfinished sewing projects! There are so many projects that I have started in the past and now want to finish. And so many ideas that I am dreaming of, and want to make a reality. So I’ve decided to start something special – ‘Finish It Friday’!!

Some projects I completed this week. Look out for the pin cushion tutorial coming soon!

With both the kids at school this year, I am blessed with a little more uninterrupted time in which to get things done. So I’ve decided that my Fridays are now going to be ‘Finish It Fridays’! I’m going to be concentrating on finishing sewing tasks, and making creative dreams come to life.

It might be as simple as finishing that gift for a friend, or creating a pin cushion design, or completing that cross stitch sampler from ten years ago! But I figure that it’ll give me added motivation to get sewing, if I can show you all my progress along the way.

A lot of my projects are couch crafts – things that I can complete while watching tv, or listening to podcasts. It’s great because they’re portable and easy to finish. So I’m determined to keep a basket by the couch with my UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) within easy reach.

This week I finally finished the adorable Dandelion Doe felt doll (pictured above). She’s created with a Posie Gets Cozy pattern. I also stocked up my store with some new designs including the sweet t-shirt above. She’s made with the Miss Miranda applique pattern. And I created a shamrock inspired pin cushion for Saint Patrick’s day.  Stay tuned for the tutorial coming soon!

I started thinking about Easter too. What do you think of the matchbox bunny? I can’t decide whether to stock them in my store or not?

Matchbox Bunny by Molly and Mama

I’m looking forward to showing you how I’m going next Friday! What have you been making this week?

Happy stitching, Lauren x

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