Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

Hi everyone,

My name is Emma and this week I did work experience with Lauren at Molly and Mama.

We did a product photoshoot and it was so fun using different elements and decorative pieces to add to the photos. Here are some examples of our best work down below.

We went into the garden first and collected some beautiful flowers to use in the photos.

Here we have used some gorgeous daffodils to combine with the yellows in these fabrics.

Pictured here are some of the Spring fabrics from the Creating Memories Fabric Collection from Tilda

As you can see here, there is a pink rose to match with the motif flowers in fabrics of this bowl.

This fabric covered Pentagon Bowl is made with Liberty Betsy fabrics in different colourways

A simple set of drawers can be used to showcase this bundle of fabric, with a touch of pink in the ricrac trim.

Behind the scenes shot of our work in progress.

Cute and simple hedgehog on a leaf to add to the pinks and greens of this fabric base.

Waffle fabric by Devonstone Collections and floral prints are from the Creating Memories Fabric Collection from Tilda

Strawberry trinket to bring attention to the strawberry motif in the fabrics, and some coloured threads to match.

I want to encourage you all to use your imaginations and do something fun this weekend!

If you want to see more work in progress or photoshoot shots like these, subscribe to the newsletter down below.

Good Luck Molly and Mama Family,

Emma x

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