Hair Clips and Guinea Pigs – A Photo Shoot with a Difference

Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

What do you get when you combine two adorable baby guinea pigs, some sweet hair accessories and a super talented photographer? Some quirky, and amazing product images!

Peek-a-boo! Hair accessories by Molly and Mama

Mel from MiaMia Photography is a dear friend of mine. And someone who really ‘gets’ me. So when I suggested that I wanted to do a unique product shoot, she said she had the perfect models! Little did I know that the two brunettes that she had in mind were actually baby guinea pigs!

Smile Monty! Hair Accessories by Molly and Mama

Monty and Pipsqueak are just the most divine little creatures. I was so taken with them, and so surprised how calm and at ease they were.

Sweet Heart Love - Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

They’ve been given a lot of love since they were born, so were very content to be in our company. They’d just sit and snack away in between ‘takes’. But they were happiest when posing together.

Take a Ride - Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

I can honestly say that Mel and I giggled and aahhed the whole time. Every shot was cuter than the last!

Daisy Cute - Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

So I ended up with some very original images for my Valentine’s Day hair accessories!

Liberty Love - Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

And naturally, we took every care to ensure the safety of Monty and Pipsqueak throughout the brief shoot.

Sisterly Love - Molly and Mama Hair Accessories

You can see more of the clips and other available stock on the Molly and Mama Facebook Page

And stay tuned for tutorials on how to make a couple of these clips! They’re so simple to create. All you need is some alligator clips, some grosgrain ribbon, a few embellishments and some fabric yo yo’s. Don’t forget the hot glue gun!  I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Happy creating, Lauren.

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