Making a Fairy Birthday Cake

Does anyone else have a little miss who is obsessed with all things ‘fairy’? I think it’s a prerequisite of girlhood. My daughter just turned five. She spent the last few months deciding which birthday cake she wanted (and then changing her mind on a weekly basis). I loved hearing all of her ideas and suggestions. But was secretly hoping she’d settle on just one!

I used to love looking through cake decorating books as a child, finding ideas and inspiration for my mum. Aren’t we lucky these days that we have Pinterest? My daughter was spoilt for choice! In the end she couldn’t decide. I promised to put something together for her that was very pretty, girly and ‘fairy like’.

Being a bit crafty, it’s no surprise that I love decorating cakes as well. I’m by no means an expert, but it’s something I enjoy, and the kids really seem to love their cakes. And that’s the main thing isn’t it? Here’s how I put this one together. And it only took a few hours from beginning to end.

A fairy cake fit for a princess - by Molly and Mama

I baked a basic vanilla cake and added pink food colouring to tint it pink. While it was cooking, I coloured some fondant with different shades of pink and made some toadstools, butterflies and flowers. I have a cute flower punch that makes it so easy!

Detail of a fairy cake by Molly and Mama

Using thick green-tinted buttercream, I iced the cake all over. Then using a Wilton hair / grass icing tip in my piping bag, I created the ‘grass’ all over the cake. I placed a resin fairy figurine in the centre and surrounded her with toadstools. I also added a few toadstools around the base of the cake. Then it was just a matter of placing my homemade fondant flowers and butterflies, along with a few store-bought royal icing flowers, all over the cake.

The back of a fairy cake made by Molly and Mama

In truth, the cake would have been more elegant without the excess of flowers. But I’m not known for elegance or restraint! I think it looks fun? And it’s made with my favourite colours – pink and green!

I also made some toadstools for the party, by using white chocolate to ‘glue’ two marshmallows together on a lollypop stick. Then I dipped the tops in white chocolate and sprinkled with 100’s & 1000’s. So cute! And this is a much quicker and easier alternative to making cake pops.

marshmallow and chocolate toadstool pops by Molly and Mama

The fairy food was a huge hit at my daughter’s ‘fairy disco’ party! I may not be a food photographer but you get the idea anyway.

Now we’re already thinking about next year’s birthday cake and theme. What has been your favourite birthday party theme or creation?

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